About me

dscn1616 (2)anywhere virtually is my global service providing administrative support to you or your business, regardless of your location.

My name is Fiona Booker and I am based in Adelaide, South Australia. I work wherever my laptop is.

Working in different time zones has its advantages. I may be working while you are sleeping, delivering completed projects when you first awake.

My professional background:

I have over 30 years experience providing support as an executive assistant for both private and corporate businesses. My skill set is diverse, I have a high attention to detail and work at a fast pace to meet tight deadlines. I am meticulous, candid and respectful.

Why the business was created:

Many people or businesses have either a task or an ongoing requirement for administrative support, but they don’t have the budget to employ someone in-house. Regardless of the frequency, every project requires expert, professional attention and that is why anywhere virtually was founded.

My service was launched in 2017, when Thomas Giles, founder of TG Consultancy, a HR consultancy business, asked me to provide ongoing service after creating a successful PowerPoint presentation. I continue to deliver their PowerPoint presentations, collateral for meetings and training sessions and also administrative support as required. TGC is based in San Francisco, but they are a global organisation with clients worldwide. I am able to provide reliable remote assistance for them no matter their clients’ locations.

My personal life:

I love to travel and explore the world, journeys that have rewarded me with many lifelong friendships.  I also am fortunate to be part of a wonderful family including a terrific son who like me, is also an avid traveller.